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  • What is Golf Fit By Olly?

    Olly Foster has created an online 12 week fitness and nutrition programme structured specifically for male golfers looking to improve performance whilst making a positive change to their physique.


    This new programme will be launching early 2018.

    • Who is Olly Foster?

      As one of the UK’s top body transformation specialists, Olly has been in the industry for over 17 years. Having developed a successful online business Action Reaction Training Ltd, transforming the lives of 1000's of people, Olly has more recently been able to combine his passion for golf, working as a TPI (Titelist Performance Institution) fitness professional.


      By merging these skill sets, Olly has developed a highly effective online 12 week fitness and nutrition programme designed specifically for amateur male golfers of all levels looking to improve their performance whilst making a positive change to their physique and overall health and fitness.

    • What will the 12 weeks focus on?

      The programme has been designed to improve:

      • Stability 
      • Mobility
      • Posture
      • Strength
      • Rotary power
      • Swing speed

      These are all key components needed when looking to better your game and when coupled with a personalised nutrition plan, this programme will transform the way you look and the way you play.


      Stop wasting money buying new clubs in hope of improving your game and start investing in yourself by fixing the body limitations that could be holding you back.

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        ETA early 2018

      • Get in touch with Olly!

        If you've any questions about the programme, please feel free to drop Olly an email at: olly@golffitbyolly.com